Fragment With Spiders

Stone scrapes against stone,
Wind howls through towers of stone,
And the Queen of Spiders speaks.
"You have found me in my easternmost lair, at the door of the sea.
All spiders know and love me, for I am the Queen of Spiders:
But until now no human eyes have seen me and lived, for none have come with a gift.
I know you bear a question. I am bound to answer.
The eyes of all spiders are as my eyes: all that they see is before me.
The ears of all spiders are as my ears: all that they hear is beside me.
I move and am not seen, I stir and am not heard.
I know every crevice and hollow of the earth.
I know every shadow and secret and secret of the earth.
Ask once and I will answer.
Ask twice and you shall die.
Fool's questions shall meet fool's answers.
Wise questions shall meet answers yet wiser.
All things are written in silk and I read all things that are written.
Speak for I am waiting; ask and be answered."