The End of Sex?

For millions of years the human race has reproduced sexually. But thanks to the eGad, all that may now be coming to an end, says blogger Isaac Bickerstaff.

Let's be frank: sex is how most of us came into the world. Despite a century of scientific advances, in vitro fertilization remains marginal, until now the domain of devoted enthusiasts. Across the world, billions of people are still being conceived through the antisocial, unhygienic act of physical love. Even today, in the age of ubiquitous, always-on high-speed Internet access, reproduction continues in the same medieval paradigm of bearing and begetting that our grandparents practiced.

That paradigm may be coming to end. Potato's (Ticker: POM.TER) new eGad portable tablet computer ships without any support for pornography. Initial reaction has been mixed. One famous blogger, in a screed blasting the eGad, simply states "The Internet is for porn." Another, however, reports: "I'm glad to get away from it. It's like I just escaped a raging, savage master."

In an open letter the CEO of Potato insists that pornography is obsolete. Superior free, open-door dissipations, he says, can completely replace pornography—citing romance, hanging out, cuddling and hand-holding. Many users, however, report frustration at visiting popular websites only to find them covered in black bars.

Beyond transient frustration, however, Potato's rejection of pornography has more serious implications. Isaac Bickerstaff, in an open letter to Potato, describes how important pornography was to his sexual development. He writes:

As something of a geek, more interested in gadgets than girls, by my early teens I was well on the way to sexless bachelorhood. I looked into my future and I saw skinny ties, thick glasses and pocket protectors. Discovering pornography gave me a new way of approaching life. Instead of staring at the floor when girls spoke to me, I could undress them with my eyes. I realized I didn't have to treat woman like human beings—whatever that's supposed to mean. I could treat them as means to my sexual satisfaction. In short, without pornography, I would never have met the beautiful woman I call my wife, or gotten her pregnant. Holding my virginal new eGad, I feel worried for my children. Of course, pornography isn't just going to disappear. But without a pornograph to play it on, will my children ever have the same chance to develop a prematurely jaded sexuality that I did?

Many Potato fans, however, welcome the sexual liberation of the eGad. On a Danish Potato fan forum, user TotalGules writes, "Get yourself an eGad. Why would you be a breeder of sinners? I'm a decent guy but I could accuse myself of such things... let's just say it would be better if my mother hadn't given birth to me. No matter what you do, even if you don't cheat or ogle other women, girls think you're just another dumb horny guy. You talk funny, walk funny, try to be cute, and what do you get? Give it up. Enough of this crap. Go get yourself an eGad."