I find writing its own reward, but something cowardly in spending time amassing what is not to be shared. I have therefore created this blog and mean here to expose at intervals tending towards weekly something worth reading, even re-reading.

The name, The Ruricolist, is intended to recall the essay series of old, when they could stand alone: The Tatler, The Rambler, &c. I mean to be similarly eclectic and similarly to interlard essays with capricious pieces. But my cynosure is Bacon's concentration and brevity, not smooth Augustan prolixity.

It would be worse to hide my political and religious principles than not to have them, but my intentions are strictly belletristic. I do not mean to advance, join, or create a faction. I believe as others believe, but I wear no uniform.

I write not for myself, not for friends, not for fellows, not for an audience, nor for posterity: this is my end of a conversation.