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Three Horror Stories


“Hello? I’m still down here. Open the door. Can you hear me – hey! Put the lights back on! This is a joke, right? Very funny! Open the door! Wait – I know you’re down here somewhere. I can hear you moving around. That is you, right?”


“Well. Yes, we’ve received the test results. There’s really nothing to worry about. The guard? He’s always here. Hospital policy. Let’s get this over with. Have you experienced an increase or decrease in appetite recently? Have you experienced hardening, discoloration, or rapid growth of the fingernails? How about any strange shapes or colors that recur in your dreams? Hmm. Well, no, the problem isn’t your eyes exactly. Have you recently been to Africa? South America? Antarctica? The specialist’s on his way, there’s nothing to worry about. One more question, and this one may sound a little strange, but I need you to answer it honestly. When was the last time you defiled something?”


“It’s great to meet somebody else who’s not afraid of heights. Do you come up here often?”

“Every once in a while. I love the view. It gives me a sense of freedom. Like I could do anything up here. Like I can see the world but it can’t see me.”

“It’s a great view. It’s great until you look down, yeah? I mean I’m not afraid of heights, but that is one hell of a drop.”

“Close your eyes for a second. I want to show you something.”